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  1. Playtesting tales wanted
  2. Torchbearer in the Temple of Elemental Evil
  3. Play testing this thing with my bro
  4. More Torchbearer in the Temple of Elemental Evil
  5. Flight into Darkness (AP)
  6. Out of the torture chamber and into the burial crypt! (AP)
  7. The Town of Two-Trees and the Wizard's Tower
  8. The Sunken Keep of the Orcslayer
  9. "I re-light the torch."
  10. We actually have the rules this time, aka GHOUL FIGHT!
  11. Quest for the Crown of Lord Ciswin
  12. Expedition to the Corulitheae Archives
  13. Cold Feet: Expedition to the Corilitheae Archives, Part II
  14. First Expedition: The Three Squires
  15. Boch's Belfry!
  16. First Adventure - Three Squires
  17. Firt Adventure - The Crucible
  18. Long Journeys
  19. Tips from the Thieves Guild thanks to Jesse Bullington
  20. Danger at Darkshelf Quarry
  21. The Beacon at Enon Tor
  22. House of Three Squires Demo: Working Out the Kinks
  23. HOUSE OF THREE SQUIRES advice please
  24. Secrets of the Old City
  25. Delving into the House of the Three Squires *spoilers*
  26. Simple One-Shot
  27. Shrine of the Midlight Lord
  28. One Player Session
  29. [The Beacon at Enon Tor] The Doomsday Clock
  30. The Crystal Caverns
  31. 10 Foot Pole, How I Miss Thee (And Other Items You Just Can't Hold Onto)
  32. One Year in the Life
  33. All Praise the RNG
  34. The Bellringer's Tomb
  35. Another House of 3 Squires
  36. Deadliest Warrior
  37. Obligatory 3 Squires
  38. AP: Barrow of the Dreaming King, and some Questions
  39. The Ancient's Crypt AP and questions
  40. Journey to Hadrian's Rock, Session Zero
  41. Mansion of the Mad Magi
  42. "Four candles"
  43. Hoard of the Goblin King
  44. Blundering into the Effigy Mound Spiral
  45. Ravenloft - they very nearly made it to the castle...
  46. Dread Crypt of Skogenby
  47. Second time's the charm: spider-killing for fun and profit
  48. Three Squires after 15 yrs away from GMing. Will I FAIL? Find out!
  49. First foray into Old Dhrum's Vault
  50. TannĂ²ch Rest-of-Kings
  51. AP: Volund's Crypt
  52. AP: Hose
  53. Player Best Practices
  54. First session in a dark, hopeless world
  55. Fear and Loathing in Nulb
  56. Second session, and we got a lot more right this time!
  57. Visions of Darkness - Campaign Report
  58. Miniature dragon + hoard
  59. Treasure chest plus mimic
  60. Trouble with complex hub room
  61. The Sunless Citadel - Actual Play Report Pt. 1 (LONG)
  62. The Sunless Citadel - Actual Play Report Pt. 2 (LONG)
  63. Skogenby One-Shot Game (first time playing TB)
  64. Tiny trick for elvish timescales
  65. More Player Best Practices
  66. First session of Torchbearer managed!
  67. First Time Running Session, Character Creation + Skogenby
  68. BCRnLoC First Actual Play
  69. My First Session (or Yet Another Skogenby Playthrough)
  70. Advice and Examples of Skogenby
  71. Mad Bros - Converting DnDers to Torchbearer (Three Squires)
  72. Torchbearer GM Screen Thoughts