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  1. Question why one book?
  2. Character Sheets
  3. Lifepath requirements
  4. AdBu characters?
  5. AdBu Character Booklet (Dwarves to Orcs)
  6. BWG Online Character Sheet "The Scribe" v1.0
  7. Fey Blood and others
  8. Youngest knight possible
  9. Q about Meditation Obstacles
  10. Last-minute Belief-writing suggestions?
  11. Gray Shades in Character Burning
  12. Character Burner Elf Example/Armor purchase
  13. Did y'all nix the dreaded elven spear in BWG?
  14. Updating Characters for BWG
  15. Keeping Aura of Fear in Check...
  16. BWG Editable Character Sheet
  17. How to burn a city blacksmith?
  18. A few questions from a newbee
  19. WS of Black Iron Shield
  20. BWG Fillable Character Sheet
  21. Dwarves Suck at Tactics!
  22. Noblewoman lifepaths: moving beyond Dame
  23. Tell me about Aura of Fear in your games.
  24. Let it Ride and Advancement Tracking in Extended Conflicts
  25. About the Online Character Lifepath tools
  26. Middle Earth - Mannish Cultures
  27. No way for a Wizard to lead to Wizard of War?
  28. Questions about Workshops
  29. Twins & Hobbits
  30. Persuasion Spell
  31. Armor Training query
  32. Avarice
  33. Elven Chandler
  34. BWG Table Sheet ~ A Character Sheet Supplement
  35. Grief, Laments and Routine tests
  36. Pricing a few mannish items
  37. Gladiator Lifepaths?
  38. Dwarven Interrogator/Torturer and Lifepaths?
  39. Gloryhound in BWG
  40. Orc Lifepaths Confusing
  41. BWG Online Character Burner Update
  42. Does age matter?
  43. Wealthy Banker, advisor at court
  44. Trait gained affiliations and resource calculations.
  45. Hatred and Void Embrace
  46. I see Serving Wenches don't have the Waiting Tables skill on their list
  47. Ambassador
  48. Mad Summoner: Skill Question
  49. Bodyguard relationship
  50. Starting Shade on Character Creation
  51. Am I Doing This Wrong?
  52. Duke lifepath errata
  53. Call on traits and the meaning of "or"
  54. White Resources
  55. Mourner and Gray Grief
  56. Looking for ideas (woman, noble)
  57. Suasion: useless against the unreligious?
  58. Baghdad Life Paths?
  59. Roden Lifepaths
  60. Trying out Lifepath Burning - Rahja Priest
  61. I want to be a half-orc!
  62. Troll Lords and Servants
  63. A question about Ganymede lifepath
  64. Becoming a Lord – Thinking about resources
  65. Burning Several Characters at Once With One Copy of BWG
  66. Limiting resource points for a princess mage
  67. Dark Elves for BWG
  68. Resources for Burning a Dwarven Prince
  69. burning my first character
  70. A4 Expanded Character Sheet
  71. Burning a King
  72. Playing Dwarves
  73. Slave to Fate Trait
  74. 50 pts of property and relationships = +1 Circles
  75. Frustrations with Beliefs
  76. Stacking Nobility Affiliations from Sworn Homage and Mark of Privilege?
  77. Spell Damage shade
  78. How to read the obstacles in the Disguise skill
  79. Confuse about Call-on traits
  80. Sorcery and character burning?
  81. Noble court spymaster/assassin lifepath?
  82. Aura of Determination
  83. Missing point of reputation?
  84. Charcter Burner Issues?
  85. Always cast spells carefully and patiently
  86. Creating my first character problem
  87. SKill Restrictions
  88. Grey IMS for spells
  89. Circles and different stock
  90. Resources Question
  91. artisan vs craftman
  92. Having a child
  93. mad plumber
  94. Skills of a village/city wife
  95. Traits/Spells/Etc necessary to use Aura Reading?
  96. Appropriate Weapons for Strider?
  97. Do you count free Affiliations when calculating Resources?
  98. Spirit Servant Spell
  99. Orc lifepath questions
  100. New Character Sheet
  101. Master of Eight
  102. Servant of a Dark Lord
  103. Grey Mantle, The Trait. What does it do?
  104. First or second age elves in Middle Earth
  105. Stuff-wise??
  106. BWG character burning spreadsheet - feedback would be great!
  107. Allowing The Dwarven Outcast Setting When Lifepaths Do Not List It As a Lead
  108. Bondsman
  109. Deep Sleeper trait's price
  110. Deep Sleeper trait's pricing
  111. Shaman
  112. Grey stat -> grey skill at character creation?
  113. Reducing the Cost of the Gifted Trait
  114. Sorcery vs Art Magic
  115. Hatred based skills for Servant Lifepaths = broken
  116. Can Orcs with Void Embrace Learn Skills Rooted in Hatred?
  117. Confusion about the Greater muse trait.
  118. Selling Items: Whitesmiths
  119. WIP: Live Character Sheets
  120. What can you see with the Manhunter trait? What can't you?
  121. Premade Characters From Movies or Lit
  122. Skill Toolkits
  123. Gifted + Faithful
  124. Cowards
  125. Scope of "Appropriate Weapons"
  126. How to Tap Grief with no Skill Songs?
  127. How would I construct a reformed Orc druid-type of character?
  128. Commentary on Gifted + Faithful
  129. Miner and Mining Engineer Traits
  130. Call on Traits
  131. Social Instinct
  132. Weird Idea for a Companion/Relationship
  133. Ideas for a dwarven cook?
  134. Opening skill at grey sahde
  135. 2 LP characters
  136. Heroic War Art without Craziness?
  137. Cost of traits
  138. Practiced Precision For Sorcery Spells?
  139. Grey Shade Sorcery in Chatacter Burning.
  140. Burning a Wizards Guild/Tower.
  141. Alms-Wise Skill
  142. A Question on "Cudgel"
  143. I Just Noticed This!!
  144. Burning a Half Elf for my Albion Campaign
  145. Burning good villains
  146. Apprentices as secondary characters
  147. Eidetic memory for mages
  148. A dwarf with Elvish lifepaths?
  149. Demigod Lifepath or Traits?
  150. A Question of Cassandra
  151. Spells as Weapons
  152. Recluse Wizard and <Type> Wife or Bondsman
  153. Youngest Knight Necro
  154. Raksha Tainted Revolutionary
  155. Purchasing Spell Songs in Character Burning
  156. Voice of Thunder
  157. Neophytes Spell Book
  158. Riding gear, barding, mounted combat
  159. I don't understand why the first trait has to be bought.
  160. The Quiescent trait
  161. An Alternate Character Sheet
  162. Can A Character Be Gifted And Faithful?
  163. Charred: An Unofficial Online BWG Character Burner
  164. Google Docs Character Sheet for Online Play
  165. Fea Trait
  166. Aiden, Underground Wizard (Feedback Request)
  167. Knights of all flavors
  168. The Fine Line Between Concept and Back -Story
  169. Some MonBu questions
  170. Munchkinism for fun and profit
  171. Tainted Legacy
  172. Gifted and Faithful When Burning Steel Attribute
  173. Sorcery obstacles
  174. No Begging for the Beggar?
  175. Numenorian Men
  176. Skills clusters by Task, a 'thesaurus' of skills in BWG?
  177. A little help with my beliefs
  178. "Warrior Monk" By The Book (?)
  179. Using Havocs Hand
  180. Figuring Steel and P.T.G.S. with Grey Forte
  181. Acrobat Lifepath?
  182. Character Feedback Aendir- Elven Knight
  183. Three Times a Wanderer
  184. My First Character: Burning a Mage-Knight
  185. Will Requirement for Wizards ?
  186. General Points and the General Skill List
  187. Required Skills. Am I doing it wrong?
  188. Fey blood....void embrace?
  189. Young Lady Restrictions
  190. The Cost of Arms and Armor.
  191. Charred Character Burner
  192. Different "Takes" on Rabble Rouser
  193. Intense (banker lifepath trait)
  194. First character in The Burning Wheel, looking for thoughts before game time...
  195. Dwarven Shield + Gray Power = why bother with an axe?
  196. Are relationships required in burning?
  197. Born ... lifepath and Practical Magic schools
  198. A confused Character Burner
  199. Relationships and Beliefs
  200. A Question of Peddlers
  201. A Dumb Question
  202. Ent Lifepaths?
  203. Art Magic and BWG
  204. Your Grace
  205. Saddler Lifepath
  206. How could I do this concept in Burning Wheel
  207. Opposing, Yet Required, Character Traits.
  208. Exchanging wises in burning.
  209. Question about the serving wench and lifepath requirements
  210. Child prodigy trait - before or after opening skills?
  211. Overbearing Loony?
  212. BW newbie, PTGS question (not enough room)
  213. About Low Speech Trait
  214. Resource Points for a "library"?
  215. Can't find the Spooky trait
  216. Two fisted fighting rules
  217. Why is there a soft limitation on the number of magic users in the party?
  218. 1st time running BW:G - need help refining character beliefs.
  219. Beliefs 1-pager
  220. Gifted "Half Elf" Human Limitations?
  221. What do you shrug off with a Ob 5 Survival test?
  222. Unarmed Fighting Skills Question
  223. Lifepaths: Intention vs. Use
  224. Character Creation Questions?
  225. Beginers Luck with Skill Songs
  226. Burning a Summoner and upgrading the Restless Dead affiliation.
  227. Limit for Resource at character creation
  228. I made a form-fillable Word doc for BWG