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  1. Burning Empires
  2. [Split] Burning Empires is BWR Revised?
  3. BE <=> BW Crosscompatibility
  4. Burning empires Scope
  5. Burning Empires UPDATE
  7. Corvus (and Crucis?)
  8. There Are No Emotional Attributes
  9. Shades
  10. Couple of Questions
  11. No Leads in Mukhadish lifepaths?
  14. Look at My Dummy
  15. More Comics
  16. Sales
  17. A nice Vaporware packshot!
  18. Burning Empires
  19. Duel of Wits sheet
  20. I'm Not Extending the Preorders
  21. When do just graphic novel orders ship?
  22. When could I order a physical copy?
  23. Using Print(fu)
  24. How many tests does it take?
  25. Breaking ties with call-ons
  26. PDF Question
  27. Burning Empires for non-Iron Empires setting?
  28. PDFs with Text Fields
  29. My BE GMing Is Clunky. Help?
  30. Has Chris Moeller played BE yet?
  31. Burning Empires Wiki
  32. Preorder PDF availability
  33. Burning Empires Buzz
  34. Two factions in one gaming session
  35. Versus Tests and Obstacle Modifiers
  36. So You Want To Raise An Army?
  38. Burning Empires Preorder Update
  39. Hardcopy or just a PDF at the moment?
  40. Non-human starting stat caps.
  41. 'Ography
  42. The Real Deal
  43. So we played our first maneuver last night ...
  44. The Books Are In!
  45. The First Shuttles Are Away
  46. Burning Empires: From Inception to Finished Product (I-V)
  47. GM/Player balance
  48. Got my book!
  49. Still A Little Confused About Building Scenes
  50. NPCs
  51. Coeptir?
  52. Artha Awards question
  53. Burning Empires in one weekend
  54. Luke, you are a god!
  55. Saturday Night at the POST OFFICE!
  56. abzu - How did you run Burning Empires at GenCon?
  57. WHee! Damaged Books!
  58. Link from the BE website down?
  59. Scaring away Players
  60. PDF Deployment
  61. Feint in Duel of Wits clarification
  62. Questions about BE over at the RPGsite
  63. Vaylen Body Co-ops
  64. Playing one on one
  65. Campaign Length
  66. FoRKs Helping Stats
  67. GM Artha
  68. Is my BE book lost?
  69. Appraisal & Finance
  70. We Have a Winner, Canada!
  71. [Kerrn] What kind of accent is it?
  72. You Can't Have Them
  73. Long campaigns
  74. Can Vaylen recognize each other?
  75. Illustrated Edition Shipping Status
  76. GM FoN scenes
  77. Skill List
  78. Need suggestions for SpecFor Unit
  79. Ravilar? (And other tems as I find them?)
  80. Steel Explanation needed?
  81. Labotomy for fun and profit
  82. Whee, got it today!
  83. A Beginners Luck Versus Test
  84. The Place of Sport in These Our Empires
  85. Whether the Weather?
  86. Newbe question
  87. Okay, I'm Dead. Now What?
  88. FoRKs
  89. What does the Mundus Humanitas actually believe?
  90. Table Chatter
  91. Distribution?
  92. So has anyone commented on BE Easter eggs yet?
  93. Heating up the Kindling
  94. Help me Pimp BE to my group!
  95. Conflict scenes and Bodyguards (2 separate issues)
  96. How's your book holding up?
  97. one on one
  98. How big is my unit? (Newb question)
  99. Fires Over Omac "war stories"
  100. How can Scavenging be used?
  101. Thank You!
  102. Clarification: Maximum Dice Generated per Roll
  103. Educational RPG...
  104. Wonderful job on the new Lords-Pilot Hussars addition
  105. Newbie very confused....Help
  106. Fires Over Omac
  107. Sidekicks
  108. Zombie Survival
  109. My first impressions
  110. Increasing Forged/Anvil/Hammer Lord affiliations?
  111. Actual Play questions
  112. Does Anvil armor hurt Infiltration or not?
  113. Reading Sheva's War to my 2-year-old
  114. Burned characters besides FoNs and Kerrn/Stentor guys
  115. Acquiring gangs/crews in play?
  116. Rolling to make it real, and its limitations
  117. Rolling the appropriate skill vs. "Tell me what skill you use"
  118. Scene/Test Economics (split from "Which Skill To Roll")
  119. Question about life in Vaylen space?
  120. Detecting Vaylen: comprehensive list?
  121. violent Duels of Wits
  122. My head hurts
  123. Two (easy?) questions
  124. I give in I'll give it a go
  125. Rolling to Make it Real pt 2: Wises
  126. Burning Traveller?
  127. Compulsary rolls in Building Scenes
  128. GM developing obstacles
  129. BE Strategy
  130. Motherlode of real-life military information
  131. flankflankflank?
  132. BE GM Style question: Notes or no notes?
  133. Instincts: brain-frying vs. face-stabbing vs. bodyguarding
  134. Stakes vs Obstacles
  135. Versus Tests and "Build Stuff" Skills
  136. Rules questions recap
  137. Training cycle for Circles?
  138. The Scene Economy
  139. Chicken Soup for the Vaylen Soul
  140. Question: How many Forged, Anvil, & Hammer Lords?
  141. Survey question: number of players?
  142. BE Play by Post
  143. 8 1/2 x11 placard, poster or advert
  144. Quick (?) Circles question
  145. CCCP: Operational Art
  146. A Bad Example Makes Good?
  147. Does one require Burning Wheel to make use of Burning Empires?
  148. Artha Awarding Procedures
  149. Circles and Named NPCs
  150. [Suffer Not] Battling the Big Picture
  151. I think I got it....
  152. Tests: Helping, Rebuttal, and Flak
  153. Wiki - where's "Infection"?
  154. Recapping end of Maneuver stuff
  155. Errata: Number of tests for advancement
  156. On Circles rolls for gangs or crews
  157. Building Scenes - how hard can I push?
  158. Strategy, roleplaying, and the scene economy
  159. Who follows whom?
  160. War in the Future! - Anvil Discussion
  161. Sodalis ?, and circling up an army on the spot
  162. About Resources, Funds and Loans
  163. [Fires Over Omac] Marius Arnot and the Scene Economy
  164. Do relationships earn Artha?
  165. Crib sheet on basic mechanics?
  166. Do Circles cut both ways?
  167. I don't get the Bright Mark infamous reputation
  168. War in the Future! -- Hammer Discussion
  169. Veps and Weapon Fetish, for review and comment
  170. Kerrn and Iron
  171. Galactic Map
  172. GM FoN Artha
  173. Reputations Affecting Skills
  174. Grinding gears - linked tests and Circles whiffs
  175. Inspiration for your web of plots
  176. Getting Past the First Turn (Essay, LONG!)
  177. More thinking on Maneuvers
  178. Circles vs. Skills
  179. Many Questions
  180. Suggested New Player Reading List
  181. Styles of the Iron Empires
  182. More Anvil Discussion
  183. Introducing the Vaylen
  184. Iron Empires comics and Burning Empires
  185. Rolling to make it real: The Final Chapter (hopefully)
  186. End of Phase Cheat Sheet
  187. Killing FONs for fun and profit
  188. Amazingly, more scene economy questions
  189. Controlling your faction: Anecdotes?
  190. Burning/Iron Empires
  191. Players both human and vaylen?
  192. Actual play experiences
  193. Vaylen Beliefs (general discussion)
  194. help with iron
  195. establishing a foundation
  196. Question about Vaylen-free campaign
  197. Iron Empires Glossary
  198. Improving Resources, Links, Circled FoRKs (more questions!)
  199. Burning Empires/Wheel Inspiration
  200. Jumping bodies in play
  201. Sequels: What can you accomplish?
  202. Defending with no rolls left
  203. Usurpation in Space
  204. Not Telling Players About the Vaylen
  205. [Omac] Question about GM's scenes
  206. Advancing affiliations
  207. The Limits of Circles and Affiliations
  208. Character Sheet Form
  209. Grognard Advice for First-Time BE GM
  210. Trevor Faith, Ahmi Sheva and others
  211. basic question
  212. Query about Religion, Vaylen
  213. which rule set? empires vs wheel
  214. JUST TO BE 100% SURE that I've read correctly
  215. About the hulling illos: which method?
  216. Vaylen on the human side?
  217. One Circles Test = New Relationship
  218. Burning Rebellion
  219. Circles tests and stacked Affiliations
  220. Getting What I Want With Circles, Resources, and Infection
  221. Finding Characters
  222. NPC exponents
  223. Posting Stuff to the Wiki, take 2
  224. The Blissfull Aftermath, or the Vaylen takes over
  226. Nice new front page!
  227. The Shattered Houses
  228. Hulling Methods and the Exit Strategy
  229. Burning Empires for Medievalist?
  230. Does this make any sense?
  231. Trait descriptions?
  232. Something up for group review
  233. Calling for Tests
  234. Complete list of differences between BW and BE?
  235. Initial GM prep work
  236. Creating New Facts: Color vs. Building
  237. Interview with Burning Empires artist, Chris Moeller
  238. Burning Empires and Missing Man Play?
  239. Custom Dice
  240. Hulling a Vaylen GMFON: Roll required?
  241. Questions over Omac
  242. Circles roll for Interstitial
  243. Two quick circles questions
  244. BE Custom dice order
  245. Quick Traits Question
  246. Advancing will?
  247. Anvil or Hammer affiliated forces
  248. Keep the Fires Burning
  249. SKills - Questions/Proposals
  250. Game Set-Up