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  1. Character Burner Contest
  2. Urho the Exile
  3. agro
  4. Oshubeymi
  5. Arick Delinne -- Embitterred Warrior
  6. Sir Ardan of Napaldy
  7. Sir Robert of Bobland
  8. Erevor of Nesin
  9. "rat" the burgler
  10. Sir Ardan's Warhorse, Cabal
  11. Kraxx, a Great Spider
  12. He-Tastes-Ashes, a Great Wolf
  13. Making An Evil Necro
  14. Simon DuGree, Cleric of Gree, God of Chance
  15. Alec Smithson, Warrior Despite Himself
  16. Ajax
  17. My First BW character
  18. Sergeant Greene
  19. Dame Jasmine Smith
  20. Aeger the Mage
  21. Rude the Unseen
  22. Making NPCs
  23. My first attempt at burning...
  24. Obligatory first character as Born Noble
  25. Dorath "The Hawk", mercenary for hire
  26. Dagnir the 'rogue'
  27. Calypso, the Cursed
  28. Argon Maiev
  29. Kemlin Vargo, Dawnbringer
  30. A virgin burn
  31. Elias the "Barley Knight"
  32. Jin-Mo
  33. Poxy Pete
  34. Munchkin's Delight PC
  35. Lyria the Rogue
  36. My First Burn, after suggestions.
  37. Forum Aid: Character Template for Posting
  38. Captain Philippe Octrun
  39. Dirk
  40. Martin the Green (first burn:reconstructing a D20 character)
  41. Father James
  42. The God of Cooking
  43. As Yet Unnamed Soldier
  44. Laurelai Keryl, Blackbird of Marth
  45. Bastard-Mercenary
  46. Alain du Raincheval, noble-born artist
  47. Jak Tarn, helpful young man... and touched by the gods
  48. Savain Robaire, former noble and formidable warrior
  49. Gaerron Furrion, Weary Veteran now Born-Again Acolyte
  50. Arcenzo Kell, young charismatic son of a courtier
  51. Aeric Bowendale, ambitious young Imperial Mage
  52. Sir Vandwyn Aechols, Hedge Knight down on his luck
  53. Grumwald Goldfist, a dwarf far from home
  54. Hisvin, Whose Blades Fly Like Arrows
  55. Skeld the Joyous
  56. Brabo, Troll Philosopher
  57. Crunch, Tempermental Troll Artist
  58. Neuex Ijidoi - A fantsay library chacrackter
  59. Sir Conrad of Nodwich
  60. Ainslee of Caewin
  61. Humans, Orcs, Dwarves and Elves in one adventure
  62. The Educated, Urban Sorcerer
  63. Prince Arzuné of Lost Lemuria
  64. Black Knight
  65. Little Timmy - child prodigy swordsman
  66. Mattei, Zeth Noble and Sorcerer on the sly
  67. Akram, Zeth Noble and budding politician
  68. Bruseus the Slave Tutor
  69. Arjan Drake, Scourge of the Inner Sea
  70. CBB character: Kathaag
  71. Kahdi the Slow, an untried neophyte Sorceror
  72. Johan, a failed sorcerer
  73. Padren - Night Watch Scout
  74. Charles, a Galley Slave turned Savior
  75. Jonas Brecht, Propagandist
  76. Trestin Dorval, Atheist Grave-robber
  77. Jakob Sutton, killer with a heart of gold
  78. Hoetvig the Bloodyhanded, Axe for hire
  79. Malpus Stenchblossom, Captain of the Beached Whale
  80. Brugyn mab Rhodri, Sword Prodigy
  81. Viktor Kind, Demonspawn
  82. Ensign Alden Hatton
  83. Characters in a Vacuum
  84. Jurgen the Coward
  85. Igor Lugoshi, First Mate of the Flying Cloud
  86. Percival Wyddbotham, Midshipman of the Flying Cloud
  87. Trueman Thorn
  88. Tyros Odger, procurer of goods
  89. King in Gray - Pre-Made PC's
  90. Burninator Cup Challenge: Burn Up Gandalf the Gray
  91. Toad, Keeper of the Keys
  92. Jaime Guldmann, physician's student
  93. Elizabeth "Devca" Manning
  94. Leina - a jester
  95. Avan Lasla, unknown keyling and hunter extraordinaire
  96. Eli- bastard son, PeaceMaker, Sorceror
  97. Folchus Nargeant, Unwanted Prophet
  98. Saron d'Merrix, Priest of the Stranger
  99. Lorne Henderson, Troll Hunter
  100. Verrin Sathsparn, Thieves' Guild Underboss (help w/Instincts
  101. Neat Nate, well dressed brawler
  102. Gamal Belarius, Guard Precinct Captain
  103. The Torturer Cometh (1st Burn - BITs ok?/Munchkin?)
  104. Jenny Thompkins, the glazier's wife
  105. Harkannar Agni, wanderer barbarian
  106. Canen, Father & Ax for hire
  107. Gusington Hanks, the power behind the throne
  108. A renegade cleric named Martin
  109. Fingers the Roach -- an "Honor Among Thieves" Midd
  110. Generic rogues
  111. Stanley Tweedle, captain of the Lexx
  112. Raegenhere from the village of Winwaed
  113. Pyotrovitch (Pyotr) - Philosopher-Peasant Insurrectionist
  114. Martigan - Amnesiac Crown Prince Philosopher
  115. Sir Lanos - Loyal Knight and Secret Cultist
  116. Floris the Honey Lady - Beekeeper Philanthropist Herbalist
  117. Palmyr Eremoor - Drunken, Revolutionary, Dueling Noble
  118. Dark Elves
  119. Exiled Guild Torturer Turned Executioner
  120. Count Tyrone Rugen (The Man with Six Fingers)
  121. Fezzik The Giant
  122. Crusader (Knight Brother)
  123. Llarboar ir'Tain, weak-willed Lord
  124. Burning Silver Characters
  125. Alfors Dahl, backwards cleric
  126. Dmitri Lebedev, ex-KGB
  127. RE: Any Thoughts On This Potential Character (Review)
  128. Burning Sand: Mujaahid Abdul-Fellahin, Avenging Son
  129. RE: Vicomte Sebastian de Valmont (Lothario)
  130. RE: Mocata (Defrocked Priest turned Satanist)
  131. Throne of Fire: Sister Anastasia
  132. Doctor Tomas Madero - Dissident Sorceror
  133. [Vault] Princess Estel, listless princess
  134. Tilan-Royal Order of Lawyers
  135. Baron Thaddeus Ennech - Hardliner Noble
  136. His Grace Evan Forsgit, Orthodoxy Bishop of Twinstad
  137. Esmeralda, swashbuckling swordswoman
  138. HoI: Rabbi Ashur Pascual
  139. HoI: Tariq ibn Anwar
  140. [Burning Carnivale] Father Dominico Pedrosa - Zealot-Priest
  141. RE: Thomas (Drunk Apprentice Cobbler Turned Tree Cutter)
  142. [The Outlaw Prince]Nathaniel, Bandit Bastard King
  143. Master Galardoun of Hellforge Abbey
  144. Markus: Knight under the Bandit King (the Outlaw Prince)
  145. Lothair of the Crimson Valley
  146. [76 Dragonbones] Jan, That Damn Kid
  147. Palaks Turpin, the Exorcist
  148. [76 Dragonbones] Rane, Monster Hunter
  149. [76 Dragonbones] Gudmund, Musical Lothario
  150. [76 Dragonbones] Joram Riverstone, Illusionist
  151. [76 Dragonbones] Freyvid Musi, Con Artist
  152. Garren Andarel
  153. [Cipher of Unlife]Thetharien the Soother
  154. Keith Made Me Do It
  155. Will Perrin (Courtier and Pretender)
  156. Sir Osric
  157. Fuingil
  158. Officers Mate
  159. Under a Serpent Sun: Huck
  160. Nick's Character
  161. Under A Serpent Sun: Nikolai
  162. [Conspiracy in Oregon] The court sorceror
  163. [Conspiracy in Oregon] "Roast"
  164. [Conspiracy in Oregon] Rubia Soldwells Elf Healer
  165. [Conspiracy in Oregon] The human army captain
  166. [Save the Homeland] Great One
  167. [Save the Homeland] Sorel Devitt
  168. My characters'/players' BITs.
  169. [Save the Homeland] Alladar, Elven Zealot
  170. [Under the Serpent Sun] Judy Freebury
  171. Life on the Muxatawnhy: Marley Buttons Blessed Boxer
  172. Great Old Orc
  173. Zimrakhil, Summoner Turned Cultist
  174. Dwarf Immigrant - Heinrich
  175. [Burning Thac0] Bob the Thief
  176. [Burning THAC0] Petronax the Hawk
  177. [Burning THAC0] Merrick the Cleric
  178. Bandagh Archimbault
  179. Jess- Knife for Hire
  180. Brant of Fenrey
  181. Rhode Tauck, ship's doctor
  182. Artemis Crane, Demon Hunter
  183. Anvil Lord Gaias Stone
  184. RE: Creating Li Mu Bai (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon)
  185. My groups characters
  186. Markus "King Worm" Quinn
  187. His Grace, Hammer Lord Sancho Degas
  188. [BE] M'Hara, AKA Szandor Arias, Merchant League Magnate
  189. Characters for Burning Svalbard
  190. Sir Garrand, veteran knight
  191. [BE] Braxis Dane, Vaylen-Tainted Cotar Fomas
  192. Baelor One-eye
  193. GRR Martin characters
  194. Markel the Blade, amoral Duelist
  195. Warren Menare, Mentor to Heir
  196. Princess Katya Tessen, headstrong warrior woman
  197. Skuldig, Bosun of the Ocean's Blade
  198. Father Vitus Eugenicos - my first character
  199. Lothar the Just
  200. Burning Shackles: Amadou
  201. Burning Shackles: Quong-Hien aka Shung
  202. Burning Shackles: Guan
  203. young Prince Johannis
  204. Burning Legal Matters: Lawyer turned Inquisitor
  205. Ginise of Maijio
  206. Vitalis, a (self-)important Knight
  207. Burning Shackles: Captain Korba Mallum of the Ocean's Blade!!!! ROAR!!!!
  208. Jayce Harrows - Servant of the Druids
  209. Auren the Gaunt, scion of a doomed lineage
  210. Need help with a character concept
  211. Sir Erik Cayrn, Knight of the Druids
  212. <BW> Fall of Turmhoch Characters
  213. Edmund von Bek, Captain of the Golden Dragon
  214. Bargle the Erudite
  215. Wallen Marrick, Rogue Wizard (Spirit Binder)
  216. Damek, a brooding Slavic spirit hunter to be...
  217. <BW OldSkool> Hector: driven dreamer and dilettante
  218. Virgin BW Game
  219. First Character: Gustavo Belftore, Swords Teacher
  220. Burning Vegas: Have Casino, Will Travel - Psychotic Duelist
  221. Robert de la Challisse
  222. Dabhog, Half-breed silverback wolf.
  223. Sasha-iri, binder
  224. Llethestrassa, abritrator
  225. Wesley Westingham, retired Intelligencer
  226. Princess Shivashakti, idealistic Vaylen Princess
  227. Doctor Sibellius and other superannuated characters
  228. Hafiz al-Rumi, Venal Archpriest
  229. Becket dYew
  230. NPC: King Teshwindee of Shuvan
  231. Tarok, Heretic Priest of Jinani
  232. [BW] County Gerhart, Constable of Dalmaria
  233. Lady Rebecca Alderheart
  234. Successful raider returned to preach war - Egil Torvaldsson
  235. Few knights for your pleasure
  236. (BW:R) Burning Farscape - Leviathon...
  237. (BW:R) Burning Farscape - Pilot
  238. Anjun Dhanoa
  239. William the Butcher: Gnoll Chieftain
  240. Kanhoji the Hook
  241. The Henchman
  242. The Holy Soldier
  243. Harold Eskildsen
  244. Patric McGregor
  245. Master Helmsman Jonathan Swans
  246. Ship's Doctor Marcel den Ouden
  247. Erolith, Elven Ranger/Healer
  248. Johann Kerhaus, Duke of Threshold
  249. Selim, haunted tribesman
  250. [BW Old-skool] Into the Wilderness NPCs