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    These forums are now read only.

    Also: ninjas.

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    Hello and welcome to the Burning Wheel forums!

    We're a friendly bunch here, and we're happy to answer your questions about Burning Wheel -- whether they're about the mechanics or finding players.

    There are some rules that you can observe to help us help you:

    • Search before you ask. There's a huge history of posts on the board. More than likely, someone's asked the question before you. Check out the previous answers and see if that helps.

    • Don't commit thread necromancy. If you find something in a thread that's more than two months old, start a new thread and quote the old thread.

    • Be charitable. If someone is posting something you don't understand or disagree with, or something that could be interpreted in a different manner, try your best to see things from their perspective. Don't argue with the mods, don't argue with each other. If you feel the urge to argue, type this instead, "Yes. Sure, I understand." We want lively discussions, but we want to keep them stress free.

    • Do not tell us how long you've been gaming. We find that "I've been gaming for 30 years and..." detracts from discussions rather than adds to them. Please use actual instances of play with our games and others to illustrate your examples.

    • Please Read A Discussion Before You Comment. And if that discussion has ended -- the OP has said, "Thanks!" -- don't comment. I'm sure your ideas are great, but you're too late to the discussion.

    • Don't Interrupt. If one user has asked a question directly of another, please don't interrupt the conversation. Give the OP and the responding user a chance to answer one another.

    • Don't Dog Pile. If a question is asked and an answer given, refrain from adding your opinion until the original poster has had a chance to respond. If we all offer our opinion to every question, it can suffocate good dialogue.

    Thanks so much. Enjoy!