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"The Iron Empires consist of eight interstellar nations which cluster at the heart of the long-dead Human Federation. The Federation once controlled a vast volume of space, containing several millions of worlds. The Iron Empires, last vestiges of that mighty nation, control less than 10,000 worlds.

"The cultures, histories and characters of the Iron Empires have been developed in considerable detail. All stories set in the Iron Empires will have the underlying consistency and depth of history that such detail affords.

"Beyond the 10,000 worlds, there is The Void. The Void consists of that huge area surrounding the Empires that was once ruled by the Federation. It is basically unknown. The further away from the Empires you travel, the less known it becomes. What strange stories wait to be discovered in those mist-shrouded reaches? The Void with its millions of "lost" worlds, is left open for exploration."

This section is for Chris Moeller, author of the Iron Empires, to post his notes about the setting and his thoughts about Burning Empires.

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