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This category contains the central pages for the Burning Empires campaigns stored on this wiki. From here you can track the overall progress of the Vaylen infection as it spreads across the Iron Empires and contribute data on your own planet's struggle against the worm.

To create your own campaign entry, copy the contents of the "Campaign Template" document into the editing window of a new wikipage created with the title of your campaign. Make sure not to delete the "[[Category:Infection]]" link at the end of the page; it automatically links your campaign to this category page.

Burning Empires Teaser

To get his prospective players excited about starting a campaign [1], Sydney Freedberg wrote a teaser which makes a great introduction to Burning Empires on its own.

Errata and Emergent Behaviours

As campaigns are played, more is learned about how the Burning Empires rules interact with each other and players. The odd mistake in the printing is also revealed. See these pages for more information: