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Downloads for the Burning Empires roleplaying game.

To keep the thronging masses happy while we work on the contents of the wiki, here are some delicious downloads from Burning Empires:

Sample Chapters

Table of Contents - Icon pdf.gif 337 KB

The Face of Collapse - Icon pdf.gif 3187 KB

Psychology - Icon pdf.gif 3187 KB

Mukhadish Lifepaths Chapter - Icon pdf.gif 1.1 MB The Mukhadish are a creature originally designed as a Vaylen slave race. However, as a testament to the versatility of their design, these creatures have propagated across the Iron Empires. They can be found on many worlds, sometimes in docile herds other times working as enforcers in the armies of the criminal underworld.


Iron Empires Master Map - 457 KB The map of Iron Empires from the book, with accurate sector grid. Officially supersedes the published map.

BE District 243 Map - 2.4 MB A poster-sized map of Sector 243 in the Comoran Worlds by Chris Moeller, detailing every world and transit lane. Suitable for hanging in your game room, or playing on using Moeller's home-brewed Vaylen Wars rules.

Character Sheet - Icon pdf.gif 1869 KB

Firefight scripting sheet - Icon pdf.gif 1.1 MB A scripting sheet for the Burning Empires Firefight mechanics.

Duel of Wits scripting sheet - Icon pdf.gif 140 KB Duel of Wits scripting sheet for Burning Empires. Contains an interaction matrix and an effects/obstacle table for the DoW actions.

Infection Maneuvers Sheet - Icon pdf.gif 185 KB The front sheet is for the GM to keep track of the macro-mechanic actions during play. The action matrix on the back can be used by both player and GM alike.

Planetary Web - Icon pdf.gif 112 KB The Planetary Web sheet from the Playing the Game section of the book.

Character Burner Worksheet - Icon pdf.gif 355 KB Here's a beta version of the new Burning Empire character burner worksheet. It also includes all 12 steps of the Character Burner described in brief, plus a list of all of the technology available in the book.

World Burning Worksheet - Icon pdf.gif 89 KB Beta World Burning sheet.

Demo Scenarios

Omac Demo Scenario - 6MB Zip Fires Over Omac is the Burning Empires demo scenario. It's designed for three or four players and a GM for one night's play.

Player Created Content

Anvil Battalion Builder for Iron Empires - KB Designed by Sydney Freedberg it's a borderline psychotic exercise in geekery, with full Chris Moeller approval, that basically allows you to calculate the exact size and strength of any ground force desired in the Iron Empires setting, if for some reason you desired a ground force.

Lords-Pilot Hussar - Icon pdf.gif 464 KB Check out Sydney Freedberg's Hussars as illustrated by Chris Moeller. In the Iron Empires, Hussars are the elite pilots of heavily armed, heavily armored reconaissance machines. Hussar-class grav sleds can reach areas too distant for infantry scouts and survive missions too dangerous for recon drones and lightweight spy planes. This document is an extension of the Burning Empires roleplaying game. It provides new lifepaths, traits and technology for inclusion in any Burning Empires game.

Firefight Sheet(PDF)

Firefight Sheet(Excel)

Firefight Sheet Mark II (incomplete)(PDF)

Firefight Sheet Mark II (incomplete)(Visio 2002) Handy worksheets to assist in running a smoother firefight. In an effort to make Firefights easier (and quicker) I made up these helper sheets. They are currently only ok, but they are still useful. I have also made the source available in case anyone wants to finish what I started. I do not have any plans to finish/polish them. If you do update them, please send me a copy.

Anvil Lord/Hammer Lord - Skill/Trait Access List The perks of being a Lord! When you get the Hammer Lord Trait or Anvil Lord Trait, you gain access to people with skills and traits. This is a concise list of the Skills and Traits that a character with either the Trait: Hammer Lord (pg 261) or the Trait: Anvil Lord (pg 249) can call upon without needing to use circles.

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