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This category is all about what people across the Internet are saying and/or typing about Burning Empires. The gossip started on the RPGnet Roleplaying Open forum, but has since spread like wildfire across fora, blogs, LiveJournals and podcasts - even in strange and arcane tongues. It's our aim to collect as much of that commentary as we can so that fans of the game and those interested in it can sample a broad range of opinions, perspectives and actual play.


If you find any short quotes that sum up someone's experience with Burning Empires, please add them here!

  • "This sounds kind of rote and mechanical, but so does a description of an F-16. The real important thing, in both cases, is the amazing firepower and concomitant awesome whoosh." - Ken Hite
  • "... this game is something I have been personally looking for for a very long time. To be honest, it is the most significant evolution in my gaming "career" since first starting to play RPGs." Skywalker
  • "This is a really rich and complex game which will reward a lot of analysis and a lot of time playing it." - Paul Tevis

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