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What is a Wiki?

Basically, a "wiki", or "wikiwiki", or "WikiWikiWeb" as the original was known, is a web site whose pages can be edited by anyone (or, depending on the individual wiki, anyone with a valid login). It is also designed so that links can easily be created between pages within itself.

This means that a wiki user can:

  • Move between pages on related subjects quickly.
  • Suggest new areas of interest and potential development simply by turning a key word, set of words or name into a link to a page that has not been created yet.
  • Correct spelling mistakes or correct/leave notes regarding any factual or other errors.
  • Discuss the site content with the authors on the site.

So a wiki, by its nature, implies a sense of communal development, of continuing improvement that everyone involved contributes to.

Here are some other views on WikiNature.

What is the Burning Empires Wiki About?

The Burning Empires wiki is an online resource for the Burning Empires roleplaying game written and published by the Burning Wheel Headquarters. It is intended to be used by the game's authors and designers as well as its players, game masters and fans as an organised repository of supplemental information for the game, including examples of actual play, data on campaigns, advice and errata.