Burning Wheel Gold Preorders

Hello Burners, Burning Wheel Gold preorders will begin Monday July 11th at 12 PM Est. We will offer 50 books a day for five days — for a total of 250 preorders. Each set of 50 will go live at 12 PM EST. This is the biggest preorder we’ve ever done. We are trying to be as fair as possible to make sure everyone gets a chance to order.

Each book will be signed and stamped as part of the preorder.

In addition, there is a limited edition t-shirt available.

You will also be able to order laminated Fight, Range and Cover and Duel of Wits scripting sheets.

Orders will ship next week. There will be very little waiting for this preorder.

We here at BWHQ are very excited to get this book into your hands! See you on Monday.

9 Responses to “Burning Wheel Gold Preorders”

  • Yay! I’ll set the alarm now. (2 in the morning. Totally worth it)

  • Excellent news; I’m glad to hear the Gold book will be available so quickly.

    Will there be any way to pre-order an unsigned, non-stamped copy? Or should I just wait until after the release date if I’d prefer an unmarked version? (It’s nothing against Luke and co. in particular: I’ve just never cared for anything autographed.)

  • So EST and not EDT?

  • I fully assume Luke means “Midnight In New York City as it is right now.”

  • Or, rather “Noon in New York City as it is right now.” (Which one is AM/PM again? gahhhh…)

  • How much are the laminated sheets going for?

  • Dear sir, do not preorder. The marking and stamping is the whole point of preorders.

  • Not going to mix up the times a little for hapless Antipodeans?

    Harsh; harsh but cruel.

  • @luke: I thought the point of preorders was getting the new edition without having to wait for it to reach my local retailer’s shelves. Thanks for the clarification.

    @savagehominid: There are three laminated sheets: $5 individually or bundled for $3.33 apiece.

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